U Can Grow Africa Claimed

Empowering Small Scale Farmers to Move From Poverty to Prosperity 08-Feb-2019

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U Can Grow Africa is an impact-driven vertical agricultural business that unlocks emerging and new development opportunities, linked into established and international commercial agriculture and agri-processing supply chains.

U Can Grow is founded on 5 Pillars:

  1. Capitalising of commercial opportunities to create shared value supply chains
  2. Empowering of traditional farmers
  3. Capitalising of small farmers
  4. Unlocking of agro-processing and agri-suppliers
  5. Enabling technology platforms

Our mission is to:

• Establish a competitive vertically integrated company at the forefront of the industry that drives shared value and poverty reduction.

• Utilise technology to break the downward poverty cycle and help turn small scale farmers into successful agripreneurs;

• Unlock rural land value to create a sustainable source of food security and climate resilient livelihoods.

• Unlock new markets and high-quality agri-processed products with a powerful brand story.

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