The Dagga Couple Claimed

How can you help? 21-Feb-2019

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Since being arrested in 2010, we have been on a roller coaster ride of learning to be activists and keeping our lives together at the same time. It became clear that we would need massive public support in order to win our case and effect real change. Our campaign began to take on two distinct faces – Legal & Civil.

Our incredibly dedicated team of lawyers at Schindlers Inc in Johannesburg are providing our case with the backbone their services pro bono as far as possible.

Our Non-Profit Company Fields Of Green For ALL has monthly expenses just like any office in the country with staff to pay, rent to find and data to purchase. So far our constitutional donations fund has helped us to keep going and given much-needed credibility to our campaign as we have been able to meet all our financial obligations.

However, this is a precarious business and we regularly hover over the zero mark when the month end bills start to roll in.

A great deal of our fundraising efforts are directed at public awareness to the harms of Dagga prohibition but as our July 2017 Pretoria High Court appearance in ‘The Trial of the Plant’ gets closer, the more we have to direct fundraising towards our international expert witnesses. This is our major expenditure for sure.

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