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We Manufacture, We Design, We Develop 07-Feb-2019

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Hydroponics company

Prosystemaqua, experts in automatic irrigation systems

ProsystemAqua is a Spanish company with an international orientation, which has managed to make its way into the European and global market in general. Despite its youth, ProsystemAqua has extensive experience in the field of water treatment in all its aspects.

We work constantly for the environment, solving any type of incident related to water purification and control. This implies that the automatic controllers manufactured by ProsystemAqua control with accuracy and precision factors such as pH levels, conductivity, nutrients, irrigation times and water temperature. This precision requires a constant and exact measurement that is provided by the ProsystemAqua controllers, in order to maintain suitable and stable water values for any application that we use.

The applications of the automatic controllers ProsystemAqua are multiple and diverse, ideal for: agriculture, hydroponics, aquaculture, aquoponia, test fields, nurseries, garden centres, domestic and urban gardens, grow shops, vertical green walls, swimming pools and industry.

ProsystemAqua has a large multidisciplinary group of professionals, experts in their field, who evaluate, create, design and implement different ideas to achieve their own result. Among our R & D professionals, we have different industrial engineers and computer engineers, they dedicate to innovate and constantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our products. The result, a unique Spanish product in the international market.

In any case, you will have met our professionals at the most important international fairs and exhibitions in the water treatment and agriculture sector. ProsystemAqua has been reconodida internationally; this is attested by the various awards given to their products for water treatment, characterized by their innovation

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