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Medical Grade Cannabis Cultivation 02-Jun-2020

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With nearly 30 years experience in advanced Cannabis cultivation techniques both in Europe and South Africa, we are specialists in energy-efficient, high-volume Cannabis production and therefore perfectly poised, to help you or your cultivation business by putting it firmly on the path towards realizing it’s fullest potential. Whether you are cultivating hydroponically, or by means of an organic “Living Soil” program, our team can help ensure your company’s success in the medical Cannabis market. We are able to advise you on how to successfully cultivate high-grade medical Cannabis, without the use of harmful agri-chemicals and pesticides and their resultant residues. Apart from our vast expertise in Cannabis horticulture, we also focus on GACP and GMP compliant facility design, hazard analysis, remediation, staff training, team-building and worker development initiatives that will help expand productivity, whilst simultaneously increasing staff experience and moral. Our team is proud to have access to gold-standard, international and South African bred genetics, and we offer a bespoke breeding program that can design top-shelf Cannabis strains for almost any climate or environment, be it outdoor, warehouse or greenhouse. Our mission is to not only help demystify Cannabis, but to provide a solid foundation of knowledge to build on, and therefore give a greater understanding of the plant and the various key stages of its life cycle. Our team will also provide safe, accurate, clear and detailed instructions to those individuals and companies who are interested in achieving good harvests and ultimately good profits.

Professional Cannabis Consultants

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