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Complete & Concentrated 07-Feb-2019

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Only 5 basic products are needed to ensure optimum nutrition for an entire crop:


The PRO-XL formulas are complete and balanced and contain all the macro, micro and trace elements necessary for the proper development of the crop. Regardless of the culture medium (soil – coconut – hydroponics), PRO-XL satisfies the most demanding requirements.

Both the deficit and the excess nutrients in the soil can cause problems of absorption and development in the plant; that is why in Pro-XL all products are formulated to perfection, ensuring at all times an optimal absorption.

Ultra concentrated, from 0.5 ml per litre of water for Boosters and 2.5 ml per litre of water for A & B GROW and BLOOM.

Generally, half the product is used compared to other brands.

Less volume of products (Easier to handle).

Easy to mix, a fact that results in greater availability of the nutrient for the plant,

By using high-quality ingredients results are obtained with higher yield and better quality; a cleaner and more natural crop. Ingredients with a high degree of bio-absorption and low viscosity (density). Diluted in water, it allows to obtain a good result even in the most extreme conditions: for example, cultivating in high temperatures (in summer or with CO2).


  • For the novice grower, it allows cultivating easily with professional nutrients and of high quality.
  • For the experienced grower, it is especially practical.


Being directly linked to professional horticulture, we work with unique and effective technologies and products.

All ingredients are approved by the EU – professional horticulture level.

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