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Resource Technology and Distribution Company focusing on revolutionary, clean, and green products for your garden. Also offering commercial consulting and lab testing services as well as plant science education.

Product Line-Up: Mighty- The standard by which all other Plant Washes are compared. Mighty cleans plants leaving them vibrant the way they were meant to be in nature. Clean plants thrive indoors just as they have for the millions of years they evolved outdoors, where they utilized all the elements of nature. Wash your plants with Mighty by giving them a thorough saturating spray to both the top and bottom of the leaves. Mighty can be used throughout your plants entire growing and flowering cycle, up to and including the day of harvest. PM Wash- PM Wash leaves plants clean and vibrant. It’s in these kinds of conditions that plants learned to thrive in cooperation with the simple elements of a cleansing rain, a gentle breeze. Spray PM Wash throughout the growing and flowering cycle, up to and especially during harvest. PM Wash can even be used on POST HARVESTED crops! Power Wash- Power Wash for naturally clean plants. Remove built-up residues from foliar sprays and airborne particles. Cleansing also helps your plants maximize photosynthesis. Just as a gentle rain helps plants in nature un-clog the stomata(s) (stoh-MAH-tuh), which are the openings on the leaf surface through which they “inhale” CO2 and “exhale” oxygen. When you optimize CO2 intake, you maximize photosynthesis and give your plants every opportunity to meet their natural potential. Cleanse your plants and eliminate those residues throughout the growing and flowering cycle up to and even the day of harvest. RAW-Solubles- 12 elements and biostimulants that can be used to supplement any base nutrient program. RAW-Grow and RAW-Bloom are the most well rounded base nutrient products available. RAW-Microbes Grow Stage focuses on the All-Star team promoting rooting and vegetative growth. RAW-Microbes Bloom Stage focuses on nutrient availability and plant protection agents. PROMIS Aphid, Thrip and White Fly Killer- Water in or media drench Promis at 15 mL – 60 mL per gallon. Promis dissolved in water and applied to soil is absorbed by the roots. Once absorbed, it moves through the entire plant to protect against insects. This product also moves into and protects new growth after application. To control insects, the insecticide must distribute completely throughout the plant. Specially formulated for fruits and vegetables. EPA Reg. No 53883-275-89819 PROMIS Multi-Purpose Fungicide- Promis Multi-Purpose Fungicide prevents and controls Powdery Mildew and other fungal diseases. This product is highly effective when it is used to prevent diseases or applied at the first sign of disease. Mix Promis Multi-Purpose Fungicide with water and uniformly apply (foliar spray) to all parts of the plant to point of runoff. Protects Fruits & Vegetables EPA Reg. No 42750-196-89819 Orchid Care- Orchid Care is the latest technology in Indoor Plant Care. By harnessing the qualities of various desert plants, Orchid Care Cleans, Protects and Rejuvenates orchids. Having clean, healthy plants can strongly reduce the need for chemical pesticides and fungicides. *Use Orchid Care weekly for best results.

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