MERCY – The Medical Cannabis Resource Center Claimed

The Medical Cannabis Resource Center 08-Feb-2019

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  •  To help people get with their respective medical cannabis programs, maximize the utility and network and help others to achieve the same.
  •  To investigate, research and document news and information relevant to the issues and to broadcast and receive communications with others doing the same.
  •  To advocate and support actions and activities to empower people to change the laws, rules and regulations to be based on science and medical facts and NOT The Government initiated and funded Set of Lies on The Cannabis (Marijuana) Issue, primary of which are that Cannabis is Evil (kills, makes people crazy, causes un-natural sexual urges, etc.) and has No Medical Value or Use.

It is a mission of MERCY is to bring about change and establish safeguards for the future. The goal is the empowerment of the people through their votes and general activism. To get the people involved in this and all issues.

A few of the immediate objectives are to inform & educate about the therapeutic benefits as well as the true medical facts about cannabis; support the rights of patients & doctors in the OMMP; promote a healthier environment through hemp; empower groups and actions that broadcast information & news about the harm, waste and abuse caused by can prohibition in general. The basic strategy will be to join and initiate events & actions; to research and broadcast news & info – to be a media outlet for the movement! MERCY works to be in a position to help or even launch the initiative and like activities; to make available basic legal help for all cannabis users; to promote hemp for a healthier environment; to be a part of the community.

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