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Medi Kingdom

In late 2014, our UK founders together with two South African horticultural specialists first decided to develop the idea of pioneering a legal medical cannabis cultivation operation in Lesotho to supply the world’s burgeoning legal markets needing medical grade cannabis.

We knew Lesotho was already historically known for growing cannabis easily, mainly due to its unique topography with mineral rich soils, natural spring waters & high altitudes.

Although at the time it was illegal to cultivate cannabis or “Dagga’ as known locally, its primary purpose was as a subsistence crop that provided food and education resources for the poor villages & farmers.

This was most definitely, an untapped opportunity to develop the first legalised cannabis cultivation for medical purposes on the Roof of Africa, in this Sovereign country called The Kingdom of Lesotho.

We knew if this staggeringly beautiful country legalised this opportunity through its government given the right education and knowledge of this already globally legalised phenomenon, would without question bring huge economic and social development to the benefit of its country and Basotho people.

Once we had gained a clear line of sight to further develop we duly acted as unofficial ambassadors for Lesotho helping to gain further international exposure. We in turn attracted huge appetite for foreign investment that would then help provide all the requisite expertise, specialised knowledge and technology to cultivate world class quality cannabis ethically, and become the 1st African country to cultivate in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our firm intention we believe still to this day is that Lesotho becomes recognised internationally as a world class cultivator of cGMP compliant medical grade cannabis product in various forms exporting to international sophisticated markets globally.

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