Medi Kingdom Ltd Claimed

Licensed Medical Cannabis Cultivator 03-Apr-2019

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We are extremely proud for Lesotho and Medi Kingdom Ltd to be part of this amazing journey we first pioneered back in 2015. Having tirelessly promoted Lesotho’s unique high altitude location with unsurpassed economic and optimal growing conditions will further be recognised globally. Lesotho, as the first African nation to legalise cannabis cultivation (although initially for export) ensures the opportunity for many other African nations to follow suit, not only become part of this multi billion dollar global industry but more importantly use this initiative to legalise the use cannabis medicines locally. Medi Kingdom Ltd operates in Lesotho with corporate social responsibility at its heart, we pledge to be 95% local Basotho employed especially with 10,000 GRADUATES looking for placements. Through Global markets we help to provide new (better paid jobs), education through skills transfer whilst additionally creating new government tax revenues in the process that will have huge social and economic impacts, much needed in this most beautiful and unique African sovereign country rightly known as the ‘Kingdom in the sky’ Since 2017 we have helped raise international awareness and support for Lesotho ‘Orphans and Vulnerable children’ through our Medi Kingdom Foundation (PTY)

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