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Lux Lighting focus on outdoor lighting, industrial lighting and commercial lighting with LED light source applied. Lux Lighting, as part of a vertical integration strategy of MH LED in LED industry chain, gains the greater advantages in cost and quality control, comparing to other application- oriented lighting companies in China. With parent company’s support, Lux Lighting has grown up one of the leading LED Lighting companies in Shenzhen, China.

Lux Lighting boasts its first-class production equipment, testing instruments as well as many talents. We have 9 automatic SMT machines from Panasonic in Japan. The reflow soldering machine is working in the workshop. Besides, the spectrum & flux measurement system and goniophotometer are used for testing optical parameter of LED lighting fixture in our Laboratory. Most importantly, over 10 excellent sales are devoted to providing professional services to customers, and 8 experienced engineers keep us launching innovative products every year.

Excellent LED Lux luminaries have already provided inspiration for thousands of designers, architects and engineers all over the world. With our customer, we actively explore the ideas in architectural, residential, commercial, industrial lighting and special auxiliary lighting. We have already helped to offer lots of LED lighting solutions to many famous brands.

Our excellent sales and after-sales team are always at your service and will take good care of you, our valued customer.

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