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Vape Technology and Vaporizer Hardware Innovation 08-Feb-2019

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iKrusher is a domestic company with multiple warehouses and offices. Our wide-ranging presence allows us to provide one-stop service and access that is virtually unparalleled.  We are always sufficiently supplied with stock. Offering both door to door shipping and personal pickup options to our clients.

Our central warehouse in Los Angeles provides 24-hour round the clock, service. Support for both domestic and international markets.  We also offer return and exchange services in the United States.

Our company has an advantage of owning one of the largest and best-equipped manufacturing facilities in China. We offer a litany of superior vaporizer hardware that includes vape cartridges, pod systems, batteries, disposables, and more. Additionally, we provide industry-related products and services such as child-proof packaging and branding/labeling of all products. 

If you’re a manufacturer of vape juices and oils who desire optimal customer service in a notoriously precarious industry. Seeking to provide customers with the ideal vaping experience through the vital use of hardware with industry-defining quality. iKrusher also offers OEM and ODM services and welcomes and encourages visitors to our facilities.


As a company that seeks to expand its already extensive scope of influence, iKrusher would like to extend an invitation to other distributors and wholesalers within the industry that would like to work with us.  At iKrusher, we believe in honesty, simplicity, and transparency. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and to conduct business that lasts.

Feel free to give us a call at any time if you are a distributor or wholesaler who is interested in conducting business with iKrusher.

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