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South Africa's online growing gide 22-Feb-2019

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Grow Room SA is a company dedicated to the research behind growing Marijuana. We want SA to work towards a better understanding of marijuana. We aim to change South Africa’s perspective and views on this controversial plant. While researching and learning about marijuana we hope to teach South Africa about how to grow it and use it for a better way of living.

Grow room SA is a company dedicated to teaching South Africa how to grow and cultivate Marijuana. We want SA to see the beauty behind the marijuana plant. From health to the general well being this plant has so many beautiful parts to it; we have only just begun to touch the surface of the complexity behind the Marijuana plant.

We will feature all items we are purchasing in the shop section of the website, this will be a pre-order basis as we only bring stuff in every so often to save on delivery costs. Please make use of this section to purchase any goods you might need. If you are looking for something specific let us know, we will see if our supplier has it. Please note all our products are from Asia (that’s where weeds history begins in our documentation) and the USA.

In Grow Room, you will learn and grow with us as we discover all the elements that come with this magnificent plant. From health to recreational we want to cover it all. We will teach you everything we learn along our path of research. Make use of our blogs to grow with us. We welcome any questions, all input and respect everyone’s opinion. We look forward to the journey, let’s grow together.

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