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Grow your own herbs and veggies under lights at a lower cost. Enjoy leafy greens and organic deliciousness. Magnaray® is used for all indoor cultivation purposes, including hydroponics. Growers enjoy these great benefits: > Reflector magnification 7.2 times (source of Light). > The Right Light. (PAR) Photosynthetically Active Radiation 400 to 700 nanometers (nm) to support photosynthesis. > Low Heat Emissions > Low Energy Usage > 10-Year Limited Warranty (abuse, lamp excepted). What is Magnaray® and Why we suggest you try our products. Magnaray® provides the highest quality professional lighting solutions for indoor cultivation, made today. It gives growers a 10-year limited warranty (abuse, lamp excepted), and typical 25-year useful life. Energy savings are usually above 70%, with maintenance costs reduced by at least 50%. And now that Magnaray® is being manufactured in South Africa. Our customers can get all the benefits of superior lighting solutions at much better prices. Magnaray® Twin T5 fluorescent units compare in light output and performance to LED’s of nearly the same wattage, and provide 60,000 hours of useful life while maintaining 90% lumen output, compared to 70% lumen output for LED sources. The Right Light. (PAR) Photosynthetically Active Radiation 400 to 700 nanometers (nm) PAR is related to horticulture lighting, it defines the type of light needed to support photosynthesis. Magnaray® Saves up to 77% of energy versus HID products. Magnaray® is becoming the first choice for many indoor growers, due to its optimum (PAR) Photosynthetically Active Radiation rating. High energy savings, low heat emissions, continuous light output and sustainability. Also just compare our 10-year limited warranty to that of shorter warranty LED products.

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