Grow Containers for Cannabis – Clear Sky LEDs Claimed

Container Grow Lights | LED Grow Lights | LED Lights 04-Jul-2019

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Our container solutions are manufactured to the highest standards for medical grade cannabis production to service the rapid growth of this sector in Southern Africa. Each and every new 40ft container is manufactured with all grow equipment needed and then shipped to site ready for use. Custom options allow for tailor-made solutions to satisfy any grow method, crop or security requirement. As the Kroptek distribution partner for South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho, Clear Sky LEDs is uniquely positioned to supply the highest quality products to maximize yields and achieve fastest returns on your investment. Kroptek is a leading global agritech solution provider based in the United Kingdom comprised of a team with decades of expertise in LED grow lights and grow systems. They have worked with top scientists in Europe and the UK to develop world-class products and have conducted multiple scientific studies and commercial grow trials to ensure their solutions deliver the best results. They are currently involved in large scale international commercial grow projects.

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