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Selected Seeds 07-Feb-2019

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Greenbud Seeds is formed by a team of professionals and growers from various parts of the world with many years of experience in the cannabis sector

Unique genetics

We select and develop unique genetics, which means that we decided to join forces and launch a line of high-quality feminized seeds that would respond to the needs of all types of growers.

Demanding customers

From which you start and look for varieties of easy cultivation and affordable prices without renouncing to unique flavours, even the most experienced and demanding that seek to work exclusive varieties for their aroma, production, potency and quality.


In Greenbud Seeds, you will find very productive varieties with their own personality, with unique characteristics, flavours and aromas.


Whether you are looking for a Sativa, Indica or Autoflowering variety with Rudelaris genetics, all of them have been produced according to the most demanding quality standards.


All this is the result of research work of many years looking for the perfect individuals that provide a great hybrid vigour and the desired qualities, using natural feminization methods and cultivated with organic fertilizers.

Our commitment to quality with our customers, therefore, consists in offering exclusive genetics of excellent quality, very productive, resinous and with unique flavours and aromas, using in production only organic fertilizers and a natural process of feminization that guarantees correct conditions of cultivation feminine plants to 99.99%.

As well as the meticulous selection of the best seeds , maximum control for optimal conservation and an innovative and resistant container that maintains the natural qualities of our seeds.

The selection is made by hand so that, after a thorough inspection and after the corresponding germination tests, only seeds of the best quality reach the market, with germination ratios above 95%, carefully packed in one of the most resistant wrappings in the market to protect them from possible environmental changes.

The conservation method, in conditions of low temperature and humidity, also guarantees the preservation of the germinative power of our seeds.

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