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The Brand for the Enlightened 19-Dec-2019

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Dank Tees is the brain-child of Allistair Weingartz and Gavin Norton. We are two average 40-something year old guys from Johannesburg and have been pals since our high school days (a long time ago in a suburb far far away). Al has been dreaming about having his own t-shirt company since his art school days while Gavin has just been well..dreaming. In late 2019 we had a vision to start an online t-shirt company that offers only the dankest original designs, quality materials and exceptional customer service. But what is “dank” you may ask? Wiktionary has the following definitions: Adjective (figuratively, of marijuana) Highly potent. That was dank bud. (slang, often ironic) Great, awesome. We are a small company with big (dank) ambitions and hope that you like wearing our t-shirts as much as we enjoyed creating them! Cheers Al & Gavin

African Cannabis Themed T-Shirts

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