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About Us
– Over 50 cumulative years of cultivation experience by our Master growers team.
– Assisted with R&D in the South African cannabis industry.
– Consulting, managing and setting up of the first legal cannabis grow in Lesotho.
– Multiple consultancies in various grow operations in the USA.
– Advising to the Australian cannabis industry and assisting with R&D.
– Strain breeding and genetic sourcing for major European seedbanks.
– Install distillation processes to isolated purify specific cannabinoids.
-Give assistance in product development and formulation – complete back end of the house.
-Help with offtake markets and white label of products.
-Helped and designed with the best extraction specialists in the cannabis industry to develop Super Fluid Extractors that can handle large volumes on the industrial and commercial scale.

-CCS are affiliated and liaise with the ICRC (Institute for Cannabis Research Colorado) and have been invited and attended the following:
-Marijuana and Business conference 2016 & 2017.
-Dispensary Next Conference 2017
-CSU Pueblo Conference 2017.
-CPDA (Chemistry and Pharmacology of Drug Abuse) conference.
– World Cannabis week Denver
– Canna Grow Expo 2017
– Emerald Cup 2017
– Mjbizcon New Orleans May 2018
– Mjbizcon Las Vegas  November 2018

All the products featured on our website have helped us achieve this. Complete Cannabis Solutions & Consultancy is living their vision, their mission and getting great results. To do this we choose quality products to work with. Every item featured on this site is tried, tested and endorsed by us.

Our Vision

We envisage a leading team of experts in the cannabis industry helping pave the way for our global vision of healing the planet by assisting, teaching and uplifting all communities in using cannabis and all its positive properties to awaken consciousness. To help with skills development in utilizing the plant in all its various ways. To create a positive carbon footprint.

Our Mission

Quality: Through the constant pursuit of perfection, exemplary products and processes are achieved.
Health: All processes must thrive in balance.
Education: Always learn; educate ourselves.
Collaboration: Work together to unlock potential, live authentically and build knowledge.
Opening the door to specific techniques. Indoor & Outdoor, Light Deprivation, tunnels & feminized seed production through various cultivation techniques.


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