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Refrigeration Unlimited is fast becoming South Africa’ s number 1 service provider when it comes to Cannabis cultivation and understand that when running an indoor cannabis grow facility, the focus remains on maintaining a higher level of control over moisture, insulation, ambient light, and pests in an indoor environment. While cannabis is a highly resilient plant, it needs to be grown in a warm and humid climate for best results. Also, ensuring proper lighting yet staying as energy-efficient as possible is a top priority for commercial cannabis growers. These results are comparatively easier to achieve when PVC panels are used in cannabis grow rooms.

Although tents have been commonly used for cultivation of cannabis, now many cannabis growers use PVC panels. As such, choosing the right PVC wall panels can often be a critical step in improving your cannabis yield and reducing the cost of production. At the same time, high quality panels like ours easily meet—and even exceed— the regulatory standards.

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