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We are a trusted international suppliers of wholesale cannabis seeds based in Canada and South Africa.

CC Nexus Team have personally selected a near limitless supply of the world’s finest cannabis seeds created by the most elite weed seed breeders on the planet. We are excited to be able to offer our bulk seed options within South Africa!

Just browse our wholesale cannabis seeds store to put your hands on:

Brilliantly Stable, Incredibly Strong 100% Feminized Seeds
Rock-Solid, Totally Old-School Regular Marijuana Seeds
Super Easy, Surprisingly Fast, Next Generation Automatics
Proven Landrace Indicas & Sativas Bursting with Raw Power
Smokin’ Hot New Hybrids for The Best of All Possible Worlds

You can purchase seeds easily online and pay the best prices found on the internet. Alternatively give us a call on 27 110 838526 (Mon – Fri: 4pm -1am SA Local time).

We are proud to provide impeccable customer service, rapid seed dispatch and a top notch online shopping experience. All our orders are GUARANTEED, and are COMPLETELY DISCREET.

If you have any questions about our cannabis seeds or the CC Nexus company itself , don’t hesitate to get in touch directly. Remember, we’re always here to help!


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