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Your Life Extension Professionals 08-Feb-2019

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About Us.
We support responsible medical cannabis use. Our intention is in providing natural, holistic and effective health care solutions and to provide individualised advice and detailed dosage instructions in combining the use of mindfulness techniques with the science of medicinal marijuana to heal diseases and chronic symptoms.

Using Medical Cannabis

When most people consider using cannabis as a medicine, they think of smoked cannabis; as a plant medicine, cannabis can be eaten, applied as a topical treatment, smoked, vaporised, used as suppositories or taken sublingually.

Cannabis Active Compounds

Medical cannabis can be used to treat and alleviate a vast range of conditions through various chemical compounds found in the plant. Use this info wheel to see which compounds are helpful for which ailments.
Key to Cannabis Compounds CBC: Cannabichromene
CBD: Cannabidiol
CBG: Cannabigerol
CBN: Cannabinol
THC, THCa & THCv: Tetrahydrocannabinol

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