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Canna I Heal U 08-Feb-2019

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Mission Statement

There are thousands of people dealing with Cannabis Oil, and there are hundreds of legal institutions (processors) testing and developing new strains every day.

The object of this site is to share information on which strains cure what, successes and failures. We all contribute, we all share and we all benefit.

Some articles/answers may be exaggerated, out of date or just incorrect. With a group of like-minded people all with a passion for healing through Cannabinoids the ability to get the correct answers will be magnified a hundred-fold.


Health & Wellbeing



“3 Months and 21 days ago I was using the following prescription medicine (and had been doing so for over 15 years):

Prexum Plus, Lomanor, Lexamil, Xanor, Zopivane and Simvastatin

The side effects were obviously not good but I only really realized how bad when I started weaning myself off the meds by using CANNABIS PRODUCTS by CANNABIS OIL RESEARCH. I am glad to say that I am COMPLETELY weaned off ALL prescription medicine and I feel great – BP normal, I sleep like a baby, no mood swings, cholesterol and sugar levels normal, no more bloated feeling in my stomach, the list just goes on and on. At nearly 59 years of age I feel like I have a new lease on life (ask my wife!) and the process of healing is not even over yet.


Whatever your medical condition do not waste one more day before you get your PROTOCOL from CANNABIS OIL RESEARCH to start your journey to a new and better you, toxins will disappear from your body and you will soon be writing your testimonial telling the world about CANNABIS PRODUCTS.


Hein Papenfus”

Prostate Cancer


04/10/2018. Wonderful news which we received from one of our clients who has been on the prostate cancer treatment protocol since Feb-2018: “My PSA has dropped from 236 last year August to 6.9 this week. The Drs cannot believe it. Thank you and thanks to Geoff”

Sports Performance


22/06/2018. “Hi 👋 Just some feedback – your jellos were the absolute bomb on my run this past weekend!🏃‍♀ They made such a positive difference to my overall energy levels, aches and pains and mental focus!👌 I am hooked!”



08/04/2018. ““A whole lot of gratitude… I cannot imagine what my life would have been without Cannabis oil treatment. I have been on chronic medicine from 1995 for Thyroid and high blood pressure. About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with a familial tremor and told there was nothing they could do for me. I was then diagnosed with Parkinson’s… and that was when I started using Cannabis oil. I am off all medicines now for 5 months without any problems! The lady who does my nails every six weeks, told me she can’t believe the improvement of the tremorespecially in both my thumbs which were really bad. I can now use a fork and knife instead of a spoon when eating. The left hand still sometimes is a bit awkward when I am in a hurry or anxious or when a lot of people are present. But overall my condition is so much better. I am so grateful for all your help… I don’t have words to express my gratitude. Thanks to the Cannabis Oil Research team! May you all be blessed in helping others like me!”



27/08/2018. “My 8-year old staffie  “Kabous“ was diagnosed for bladder cancer in January 2018. The vet suggested we castrate him to ease the pain. He was given not more than 6 months to live. He had numerous tumours on the lower part of his body and it manifested as open wounds on his groin. We decided against castration and to rather follow a natural treatment. We started with the 3-months Cannabis protocol. We also put him on the “Budwig diet”. We added fresh vegetables and brown rice to his diet although we couldn’t afford to completely remove the commercial pet food. We also kept him on a chronic parasite cleanse that involved wormwood, black walnut and garlic. After 8 months all the tumours were gone (from what we could see). Where he was sick and passive and was unable to jump up and down the bakkie, he was now doing again with ease. Thanks for all your support and advice! Keep on doing what you are doing, you are changing people’s lives!” The Cannabis Oil Research Team are thrilled to have been part of Kabous’ healing journey 🙂



27/03/2018. “For 12 years I put up with 2 pumps twice a day to be able to breathe. They didn’t cure the problem, they just kept it at bay. I was on the ASTHMA protocol for just 3 weeks when I realized I didn’t need the pumps any more. Amazing to be able to breathe 100% again. That was 18 months ago and the reason I created” – Editor, Geoff Hindmarch



16/10/2018. “Hi Geoff. I began using your oil as an eye drop for glaucoma at the end of July. Just to give feedback that I had my 6-monthly battery of glaucoma tests yesterday and each test shows improvement. I am naturally extremely thrilled about it. I have never stopped using my glaucoma drops prescribed by my specialist, but the cannabis drops have obviously made the difference. In fact my glaucoma specialist was the one who advised me to start using it – she advises all her patients to give it a try. I have given her your details.

I use a drop in each eye twice a day – burns like hell but my eyes feel very good afterwards.


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