Canna Nirvana Claimed

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Welcome Fam

Thank you all for peeking in to see what’s over here.

I’m hoping to help you understand and appreciate the wonderful plant we call Cannabis.  In doing so, you can share this knowledge with your Cannabis crew.

I’m no newbie to Miss Mary Jane. She’s had my heart for close to a decade now and I am confident she will never leave my side.

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Biotechnology and Molecular biology. I formed a greater understanding of the plant, and a greater understanding of genetics because of my personal research on the plant. Mendelian genetics didn’t make much sense until I found an article explaining it in terms of Cannabis breeding.  BOOM!! Just like that- Punnett squares, F1 F2 generations- I got it!

It didn’t stop there. I went off to the big U.S.A where Cannabis has been relatively legal for several years- if you go to the right places. I learnt a lot about the industry and the tech behind it. I tasted some incredible edibles and smoked some of the dankest, stickiest weed I’ve ever seen. Truly blessed. After that, I worked on a Grow op. for a few months to get my hands dirty and understand the first phase of the industry. Beautiful. Lush. Green. What a world we live in, and how lucky we are.

I hope you can trust me to guide you and teach you about this harshly judged herb. Allowing you to use her to your advantage in your everyday life, and share your knowledge in order to help others around you.  If you’re interested please go check out my blog under the menu.

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