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THC Free CBD Oil products 11-Jul-2019

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We sell and distribute the following CBD products: Primano CBD Oil: Primano CBD oil is extracted using a super critical co2 extraction process, and it contains less than 0.03% THC thus it is safe for use by pets and kids. We use hemp oil as our carrier oil because of its additional health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and the fact the it is an immune and hormonal regulator. Our CBD oil is dosed at 44% pure CBD resulting in a total of 13 200mg of CBD per 30ml dripper bottle. Primano CBD oil is best absorbed sublingually or with a decaffeinated hot beverage. The heat allows the CBD to be absorbed quicker and yield results quicker. Primano CBD Cream Primano CBD Cream was originally developed as an anti-aging cream, but its high CBD content also makes it suitable for medical purposes. It can therefore also be used for various skin aliments and diseases such and acne, eczema and shingles. It was created to nourish and deeply moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. It protects the skin against UV damage and environmental toxins. It contains anti-oxidants and can aid with any local pain whether it be skeletal or muscular and can be applied to sports injuries and arthritic joints, as it is anti-inflammatory. Benefits are as follows: • Nourishes and protect the skin • Reduces inflammation • Softens and deeply moisturises • Relieves pain (both skeletal and muscular) • Reduces scars • Combats aging Primano CBD Bath Bombs Primao Bath bombs are infused with essential oils and CBD oil. They have an anti-inflammatory effect due to the generous amount of CBD oil (3%) and magnesium that they contain. This help to reduce aching joints and muscles. It can be used for arthritic pain, sport injury or muscle recovery. There are various fragrances which are suitable for a variety of health challenges. They relax both the body and mind and induce peaceful sleep. Benefits are as follows: • Reduces stress and relaxes muscles • Decreases physiological effects of anxiety, such as an increased heart rate • Improves circulation • Induces sleep • Softens and moisturises skin • Soothes inflamed skin • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

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