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Bigger, Stronger, Faster 07-Feb-2019

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After many years of smoking and cultivating the best varieties of cannabis in the world, BSF seeds was born, a new concept of seed banks. After so many years dedicated to the world of cannabis, we have selected the best varieties in the world looking to create our own unique and exclusive crosses. Selected for their strength or speed production, as our name Bigger, Stronger and Faster reflects, we have managed to generate high-quality hybrids that will leave you surprised.

Today, we continue a path that began in 2001 in Spain, passing through all continents and countries to culminate in 2017 in this great project, which is nothing more than the fruit of our passion for cannabis.

BSF seeds seek to offer our cannabis world something else by maintaining, developing and selecting genetics that exists in clone plants from almost all continents (America, Africa, Europe). Producing genetics in collaboration with the best breeders and collectives worldwide, the fruit of our close personal relationships through passion to our millenary plant.

All our mothers have been awarded on many occasions, so they are a safe bet to cross with the new varieties of the scene, which in a short time have become so popular, allowing us to produce new unique strains in the market. Because of our commitment to bring the best strains of cannabis to all audiences, we have created mixes that allow us to have the best genetics in a single pack at the best price.

In BSF Seeds we keep constant control of our crops, using a strict phytosanitary inspection based on totally organic products, allowing us to produce clean and high-quality cannabis seeds. Each of our seeds has been selected by hand one by one by our experts, who carry a precise control of temperature and humidity to achieve its perfect conservation, guaranteeing the quality of our seeds. It should be noted that we are producers of all our seeds, either by our breeder Mariano Duque or by the aforementioned collaborations or collectives.

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