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Supplier of industrial humidifiers; powdery mildew elimination; and hypochlorous acid for general disinfection plus hydroponic usage

The undersigned wishes to take this opportunity of introducing Polar Africa to your company as a supplier of the following products will

CBD Products

Natural full spectrum extracted CBD Topical Balms .

Cannabis & Agri Testing Laboratory

EcoGreen Analytics is a Cannabis and Agri Testing Laboratory. Our Technical Director has over 23 years experience in Environmental and Pharmaceutical testing

HAVEN Cannabis Dispensary Belmont

At https://myhavenstores.com/locations/belmont-dispensary/ an inexpensive price, we offer the highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) drugs, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, and accessories.

Tubbys CBD Kitchen

We have a delicious range of loose-leaf CBD Rooibos, Honeybush, Buchu, and Herbal Teas, with delicious fresh fruits for your enjoyment. A


Best CBD Oil Reviews & Where to Safely Buy Them


Cannabis Oil Research

Sole Agents (Wholesalers) wanted for South Africa


Cannabis Oil Research is looking to appoint a Sole Agent in every area that will be fully trained in advising patients what oils to use and for what illness.

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