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Delta 9 Envirop

Delta 9 Envirop was conceived in 2013 with one mission: to bring real, high quality Cannabis services & products to a world rapidly recognizing the enormous

Chromodek Panel supplier & Installation

Refrigeration Unlimited is fast becoming South Africa’ s number 1 service provider when it comes to Cannabis cultivation and understand that when

Rhizo Bacteria/ Biofertiliser

Plants and seeds, including Hemp, host beneficial microbial communities within their tissues and organs. These communities contribute to plant growth, nutrient uptake,

COR Eastern Cape: Sunshine Coast

Medical CBD Oil -Medicinal Products -Medicinal Pet Products -Supplements -Essential Oils -Massage Oils -Facial Products -Body Care Products -Bath Products -Hydrosols -Shaving

Pass The Dutch

PassTheDutch is your dopest online headshop, with the best selection of bongs, dab rigs, pipes, vapes and grow equipment. Got weed or

Feed a Seed – Seed Bank

Feed a Seed has teamed up with several of the world’s leading seed banks and breeders to bring you the very best


Cannabis Oil Research

Sole Agents (Wholesalers) wanted for South Africa


Cannabis Oil Research is looking to appoint a Sole Agent in every area that will be fully trained in advising patients what oils to use and for what illness.

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