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HoneyVape Online

Imported CBD and THC vape distillates

Daggafontein Genetics

Our mission is the creation of a library of groovy cultivars, bred from awe-inspiring GENETICS, propagating organically, under the AFRICAN SUN.

Aptia Extraction Plant

Cannabis Oil

We sell medical cannabis for more than 580 illnesses.

The Essential Oil

We produce quality organic oils high in CBD, including all the other essential Cannabinoids. Packaged in capsules for convenience and accuracy.

Cana Biz Online

We sell and distribute the following CBD products: Primano CBD Oil: Primano CBD oil is extracted using a super critical co2 extraction process, and it contains less than 0.03% THC thus it is safe for use by pets and kids. We use hemp oil as our carrier oil because of its additional health benefits, such […]