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Pet Treats CBD

We make Pet treats to calm your pets as well as relieving pain. We can have these items couriered to you.

Henning van Aswegen

I got 6 Tunnels available (10mX30m) each that I would like to plant Cannabis for someone

Hemp Harvest Innovations

HHI we have developed everything you need to provide a clean full-spectrum product using the cleanest extraction method in the market. We

Professional Cannabis Consultants South Africa

With nearly 30 years experience in advanced Cannabis cultivation techniques both in Europe and South Africa, we are specialists in energy-efficient, high-volume


Since its inception in 1999, Dynatrade has been a supplier of greenhouses in South Africa. The company supply and install screening systems,


GemmaCert takes the guesswork out of cannabis potency – now you know exactly what you’re growing, buying, or selling. GemmaCert combines 3


Cannabis Oil Research

Sole Agents (Wholesalers) wanted for South Africa

The legalisation of Cannabis in South Africa is going to change the way people see this amazing plant and what it can do, and at the same time create some fantastic financial opportunities.

Cannabis Oil Research is looking to appoint a Sole Agent in every area that will be fully trained in advising patients what oils to use and for what illness.

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